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I am a Geek Girl, not this geek girl and certainly not this geek girl. Everyone always wonders about my name Jumapili, and are always pretty nervous to pronounce it. I love to make all kinds of things -- especially websites.

Let's Talk about Me


Highly talented and accomplished IT professional with demonstrated success implementing strategic IT initiatives that improve business functionality with positive impacts on the bottom line. Skilled senior project manager with proven ability to lead and motivate teams in web development, network administration, and software development to maximize productivity. Technology savvy self-starter, adept at moving into new environments and extrapolate from existing experience to quickly adapt to new technologies fluently. Possess first-rate communications and collaboration skills to lead and work in concert with diverse groups effectively.


I have been called a "serial hobbyist. There is so much to be interested in, to learn about and for one to find a creative outlet in. I spend my time, quilting, knitting, learning to program better, riding my harley and generally running a muck with my puppies. I want to do so many things. I want to do so many things better. I am constantly striving to trick the clock into giving up more time.

Skills & Knowledge

Design Skills

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Dreamweaver

Visual Studio

Adobe Fireworks

Coding Skills





Qualification Highlights
Information Technology
Technical Analysis
Systems Integration
Project Management
Network Engineering
Operations Management
Web Development Producer
IT Strategy Development

Work Experience

Web Producer


  • Period: SEP 11 to Present
  • Designed UI for website layouts and functionality.
  • Managed website development from inception to completion.
  • Managed Search Engine Optimization and lead generation activities.
  • Administered vender selection, relations and budgets related to site startup activities.

Product Producer Windows Troubleshooting

VMC for Microsoft

  • Period: SEP 10 to SEP 11
  • Led international engineering team at Microsoft in development of Malware Removal Tool from concept to delivery.
  • Responsible for the coordination and completion of project.
  • Relied on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, assemble project staff.
  • Establishing processes for management of product requirements throughout the lifecycle.
  • Preparing metrics for upper management regarding status of project.

Business Products Online Services Escalation Engineer

VMC/BeyondSoft for Microsoft

  • Period: DEC 09 to SEP 11
  • Mentored with coaching and leadership skills support engineers to assist them in solving cases.
  • Solved the most technically complex or politically sensitive support issues using deep technical troubleshooting.
  • Interfaced customer feedback to the service support teams, hosted services and developers to resolve critical customer issues.
  • Used trace analysis, source code, and other debugging tools to analyze problems and develop solutions.

Senior Project Manager Relationship/Product Development


  • Period: MAR 01 to Dec 09
  • Passionately grew company from startup to multi million-dollar revenue.
  • Cultivated and shepherded sales and support relationships with high profile customers such as Facebook, News Corp, Target and Nationwide Cable Providers.
  • Instrumental in design and develop key web services ImageUploader application use by more than 75% of prominent web 2.0 projects.
  • Planned and directed all aspects of organization’s policies, strategic goals, objectives and indicatives.
  • Responsible for financial forecasting of short and long term profitability and growth of company.
  • Oversaw design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs, products and services.
  • Utilized CRM tools to track all pertinent account and Sales processes as well as forecast and prioritize goals.
  • Managed the human resources of the organization.
  • Drove the cyclical business planning for product development.
  • Directed the product vision and strategy through market research, customer feedback and completive analysis; developing requirements and cases to drive technical decisions.

MIS Coordinator/LAN Administrator

Meydenbauer Center

  • Period: NOV 03 to DEC 06
  • Successfully redesigned, development and deployment of Windows Server Upgrade.
  • Spearheaded the design and configuration of VLAN increasing efficiency of client services network for Convention Center that could support over 5000 users.
  • Installed, deployed and migrated multiple line of business database applications hosted on SQL Server.
  • Installed and Migrated mailboxes, public folders and connectors for Exchange Upgrade.
  • Collaborated with vendors to develop web applications to support Meydenbauer Center’s On-Line Event Planner and Registration. Installed and deployed IIS to host back-end web applications.
  • Produce an efficient web-based helpdesk report for users to track their issue progress and participate in MIS committee team to develop budget plans and discuss important MIS issues.

Developer Support Technical Router

Volt at Microsoft

  • Period: JUN 03 to JAN 04
  • Directed incoming customer service calls to the appropriate support personnel and validated contracts, as the first point of customer contact.
  • Resolved customer questions and routes more advanced cases to other technology support groups. Assists customers with troubleshooting, maintaining, and developing cross-product solutions built on Microsoft platforms.
  • Applied empathy, outstanding logic skills, the ability to think differently than the crowd, and performed a genuine desire to help people do their best and reach their potential through use of their software.

Multimedia Development/Graphics Artist, Web Design/Project Management/Network Admin (CONTRACTOR)

EMLROCKFORT Entertainment, WEB-X, SyComM, EveryThingCyber

  • Period: JUN 98 to JUL 04

    Project Management:

  • Worked and consulted with management, sales, and customer to understand project scope, requirements, budgets, and schedule.
  • Developed project plans, resource assignments, and schedules to meet project objectives.
  • Scheduled and conducted regular project status reviews and other activities to monitor and manage progress and issues.
  • Prepared project status reports and keeps management, sales, and customers informed of project status and related issues.
  • Tracked requirement, scope changes, determine and report impact on cost and schedule.
  • Provided process, documentation, and methodology leadership.
  • Spearheaded Quality of Service Delivery for Managed Services.
  • Web and Software Development:

  • Facilitated the technical and content objectives for assigned projects.
  • Responsible for scoping projects, communicating with the origin and the development team, and managing these projects from inception through completion.
  • Applied original design solutions to create innovative, aesthetically pleasing web sites that meet the needs of a client.
  • Managed client accounts ensuring coordination between client needs and engineering capabilities.
  • Digital Imaging and Illustration:

  • Image creation and manipulating; creating and working with paths and channels, color calibration, typography, neatness, accuracy and the ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.
  • Created unique and original designs to meet the needs of a client.
  • Applied various graphic styles and mediums; neatness, accuracy and the ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.
  • Created unique and original designs to meet the needs of a client.

Vocational Rehabilitation/LAN and Computer Management

Washington State Employment Security

  • Period: JJAN 96 to SEP 98
  • Conducted interviews and counseled disabled veterans to determine individual qualifications and aspirations.
  • Evaluated veteran’s occupational, educational and military background to determine employment and educational programs available.
  • Discussed individual aims and goals to include retraining opportunities and advancement in the job market. Explained the occupational and organizational structures of state, federal and private employer requirements for employment.
  • Assisted DVOP’s and state counselors in the daily activities of career planning through DOT code job searches. Contacted employers on selected jobs due to veteran’s experience and education.
  • Coordinated with DVOP’s and LVER in organization of job fairs to assist unemployed veterans.

Computer Specialist, Computer Educator/Computer Lab Maintenance, Tech Support/Customer Service (CONTRACTOR)

4th ROTC, Evergreen State College, PS Computer

  • Period: SEP 94 to JUN 96
  • Applied extensive knowledge of hardware and software configuration troubleshooting and repair for computers and peripherals.
  • Provided expertise and guidance on the selection, purchase and installation of new and upgraded hardware and software.
  • Coordinated requirements with the users, visited vendors, researched manufacturer catalogs for capabilities and compatibility of current equipment and software.
  • Made recommendations on software and hardware that best fulfilled user requirements.
  • Resolved processing and operating problems by researching manuals or contacting vendor to determine proper procedures to be followed and corrective action.
  • Provided hardware and software operating and processing instructions to users. Provided continued assistance in terms of troubleshooting problem situations.
  • Checked hardware connections, reviews operator procedures and performs prescribed diagnostic tests.
  • Made recommendations on the feasibility and best means of automating processes.
  • Worked with requester to determine specifications such as database required, how data should be presented/sorted, formatting, report date parameters, etc.
  • Used software-programming language to establish databases, set up menu parameters, perform automatic computations and create reports.
  • Provided formal and informal training on hardware and software by means of self-taught tutorials, hands-on training, manuals, films, etc. Served as point of contact for coordinating outside training.
  • Identified training needs based on requirements and assists in budgetary processes by providing input on automation training costs. Assists in the development of lesson plans usable as self taught tutorial enhancements.
  • Provided budgetary input in terms of compiling identified hardware and software and costs.
  • Ran routine daily and weekly backups.

Administrative Assistant/Illustrator/Psychological Operation Specialist/Automated Logistical Supply Specialist

United States Army

  • Period: JAN 86 to DEC 94


  • Performed staffing duties allowing positions to be filled prior to immediate vacancies. Counseled newly assigned individuals on responsibilities and job requirements.
  • Monitored personnel’s job performance through tenor.
  • Supervised and conducted training on selected topics.
  • Approved various personnel actions forwarding those required to higher departments for proper coordination and implementation.
  • Administrative/Customer Service:

  • Served as primary administrative support for Battalion and Company Commander, Command Sergeant Major, First Sergeant and various staff element officers.
  • Received incoming correspondence, prepared typewritten copy in proper format to comply with prescribed correspondence directives.
  • Maintained and aligned highly complex calendars, scheduled extensive travel through government and civilian channels, and organized the equivalent of corporate events.
  • Handled highly confidential information in appropriate manner.
  • Assembled final products for review, signature authentication, or other disposition.
  • Illustrator:

  • Made illustrations with pencil, ink, crayon, pastels, drafting instruments, mechanical lettering sets, and other artist’s material.
  • Designed illustrations using computer-generated graphics. Prepared presentation charts and graphs.


City University

Master of Science - Computer Systems/Web Development

The Everygreen State College

Bacheler of Arts and Science - Communication/Online Media